Leonie TRAN

Leonie Tran

Operations Manager/REALTOR
JT Real Estate Services

Leonie is the Operations Manager and engine which powers JT Real Estate Services. Prior to joining JT Real Estate Services, Leonie had a career in Commercial Lending working with several major commercial lenders such as Cathay Bank and Manufacturer’s Bank. This commercial lending background brought JT Real Estate Services a different and valuable perspective on real estate investment. Her ability to evaluate financial documents for commercial properties, as well as for businesses and individuals, helps JT Real Estate Services’ clients avoid potential pitfalls during financial due diligence. Since she is experienced in analyzing the debt service capacity and net worth of borrowers, guarantors, and real estate collateral, she knows exactly what lenders are looking for. Being able to determine loan credit strengths and weaknesses, and mitigations to those weaknesses ahead of time, allows JT Real Estate Services to prepare our clients for any questions or concerns their lenders may have.

One of Leonie’s larger responsibilities when she was in lending was summarizing appraisal reports for collateral analysis so she is also well-versed in property valuation. In fact, Leonie played a pivotal role in analyzing the income statements for numerous larger multi-family properties before the company made its recent acquisition of a 70-unit apartment portfolio.

Aside from understanding how to analyze financial statements, Leonie has also trained and reviewed the work of new members of her department when she worked at the banks. 

At times, she was requested to work directly under the Bank’s Chief Credit Officer. With Leonie’s major being Business Management, she was able to manage any task given to her.

Leonie has worked for companies such as Cathay Bank and Manufacturers Bank, a Subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp before she joined the JT Real Estate Services team. She has worked on several types of properties including industrial warehouses and distribution centers, hotels, apartments, dormitories, office buildings, retail-commercial properties, shopping centers, mixed-use properties, and special purpose properties such as religious facilities.

State Licenses
California Real Estate Sales Agent (02074147)

Bachelor of Science, Business Management, California State University Los Angeles, 2010

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